About Earth Fibre

Earth Fibre is the story of our environment, our colourful landscape and the never ending exploration of mediums used to express oneself.

My subject content is the utilisation of various tree seed pods ~ 'vessels' & local flora around the Glass House Mountains area in which I live.

I am interested creatively in looking at the cross over of vessels, as a carrier for such things ~ seeds, environmental earth fibres and decomposition.

I use a variety of mixed media which includes actual seed pods to create small books, handbound Artist Books made from various fibre papers, along with art works on wood which all reflect the unique shape, form and colours of the Australian landscape.

I use fibre from various palms and environmental weed matter to create a variety of woven baskets, which again, utilises garden waste and transforms it into vessels that have a more practical usage.

I create beautiful botanically dyed scarves using wind fallen leaves without the use of harsh chemicals.

Artist Books

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Botanical Scarves

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